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POST CARD series (includes postage)

Image of POST CARD series (includes postage)


30 individually posted cards

8.9 x 13.9cm

Inkjet Prints on Uncoated Lion Brand Postcard Stock

Limited Edition of 50 Sets

POST CARD Series is a part-work book/ postal game exploring notions of travel. A collection of photographs made in various world locations are inkjet printed on uncoated postcards. When posted, the images themselves then undergo a transformative journey, being individually marked, modified, reshaped by chance incidents on route to their destination. Stamps which bear evidence of their right/ rite of passage.

A selection of prints from the series was exhibited in 'The Collection' at New Gallery London

This edition is an unbound set of the entire series, freshly printed on the original POST CARD stock, numbered, signed, personally addressed and magically appearing one by one through your letterbox.